• Personal gear: Canon 6D with Samyang 2.8/14mm lens. Great for low-light conditions.
Paranal Observatory


Firth of Forth



Secure backup communication

I created a secure backup communication network, a network of microcontrollers that can communicate securely (symmetric encryption) without the need for any external cellular network. All you need is the microcontroller, an antenna, and a keyboard (the MC has its own keyboard interface!). It currently works over a distance of multiple kilometers. This is work in progress in my free time. Current todos include publishing the PCB layout, improvement of the currently broadcast-based protocol, and hardware encryption.

Code on GitHub: Secure Backup Communication Network

CNN code

A convolutional neural network implementation based on only NumPy. No PyTorch, no Tensorflow. It works pretty fast, but the purpose was rather to get a deep understanding of all underlying mechanisms.

Code on GitHub: CNN from scratch

Favorite things

  • Physics and computer science latex template: atlas.
  • A side project is developing a software package to track changes on websites and store and process them in real-time. We are in the final testing phase and aim to publish v1.0 on Github in March 2022. This quiet complex software package ranging from dynamic programming to database processing could be used in empirical research on online behavior, such as reactions to the introduction of GDPR.



Jugend forscht @BK

A speech I wrote for the Bundestag’s Chairman of the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development, MP Ramsauer, for the budget debate in the German Parliament: